GS Sheep & Goat – Sheep and goat registry

The application allows for the quick and easy filling in and upkeep of the Goat and Sheep Registry and confers the capability of remote use and printing of the relevant documents.

In short

In the context of implementing the E.U. rules regarding the identification (marking) and cataloguing of the animal capital, including sheep and goats, all proprietors of sheep and goats are obliged to maintain a continuously updating holding’s registry.

The sheep and goats registries include a string of information that characterize the breeding holding, such as its name, the code number of the holding, the detailed census of the holding per animal kind and category, the sort of production a.o..

In the scope of satisfying the aforementioned need, the “GS Sheep & Goat – Filling in and keeping of the Goat and Sheep Registry” electronic application was developed. The application in question allows the filling in of the necessary forms and the printing of the relevant document.


  • Creation of the animal husbandry holding’s profile
  • Filling in and keeping of a goat and sheep Registry
  • Purchase-replacement of electronic markings management
  • Management of changes in the animal capital and filling in the Changes in a Goat-and-Sheep Holdings’ Animal Capital update form.
  • Printing of the goat-and-sheep registry
  • Printing of a Launch of a Holding Declaration
  • Printing of a Cessation of Operation or Change of a Holding’s Details Declaration

Through the utilization of the electronic application in question, the quick and easy filling in and keeping of the Goat and Sheep Registry is permitted, as well as the capability to remotely use the application and print the relevant documents.