Veroia – Peach

In cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative Venus Growers, gaiasense’s smart faming services are being applied successfully to peach cultivation.

In short

Clingstone peach constitutes one of the main export products of our country. Through gaiasense’s smart farming services, its competitiveness in the international markets is improved due to the reduction in production cost with a concurrent improvement, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in its production.

The Agricultural Cooperative Venus Growers of Veroia is one of the most extrovert cooperatives of our country, as more than 90% of its products are sent to markets abroad such as to E.U. countries, Japan, Canada, the U.S.A. and so forth. The Cooperative’s extroversion and insistence on sustained high quality has led to the adoption of the gaiasense smart farming system for the management of the peach production.

Through the utilization of gaiasense’s services, the producers achieve a rationalization of the irrigation, avoiding wasting water, but also improved combating of the crop’s diseases such as Taphrina deformans. At the same time they tend accurately to the needs of their grove in nutrients, resulting not only in the reduction of production cost due to not wasting inputs, but to the improvement of the produce as well, as far as quality and quantity are concerned.