Velventos – Peach

The smart farming services of gaiasense are applied to fresh peach farming in collaboration with the innovative agricultural cooperative ASEPOP Velventos.

In short

The cooperative of “ΑΣΕΠΟΠ” of Velventos based in Velventos, Kozani, has peach as its main product. The cooperative has about 400 active members-farmers cultivating nowadays approximately 6500 acres. It is an extrovert cooperative, whose total export volume exceeds 3250000 kg, amounting nearly 40% of its total sales.

The need for consistently high quality production that will help increase its exports has led ASEPOP to look for ways to better manage production. In this context, ASEPOP has started a collaboration with gaiasense, which will ensure optimization of field inputs.

The services of gaiasence will contribute to rationalize the use of water for irrigation, provide the nutrients that are really needed for cultivation and combat the main pests and diseases in that region. This way, the services of gaiasense will help reduce production costs and improve it qualitatively and quantitatively and thereby improve the competitiveness of the product produced in the domestic and international markets.