Innovation Cluster on Blockchain

  • Field of Interest: Digital Agriculture , Smart Farming
  • Έναρξη:06—08—2020
  • Ολοκλήρωση:05—08—2022
  • Categories: IoT ↗
Project Website

The specific project aims at the design, development and implementation of the traceability system for the table olive supply chain making use of the blockchain technology

In short

The digitized management of the traceability of the table olive supply chain is based on the design of the specific information system, which will support the recording and monitoring of the necessary processes and the proper exchange of information between the entities (producers, advisors, packaging plant etc.) that participate in the supply chain of table olives.

The proposed traceability system of the table olives’ supply chain will make use of the potential of the blockchain technology in order to achieve the verification and documentation of the information in all critical steps of the table olives’ supply chain, as well as for the monitoring of the required processes, with the ultimate goal of timely risk management.

This project is implemented in the context of the Action «INNOVATION CLUSTERS» and is co-funded by the European Union and national funds through the Operational Programme «Competitiveness Entrepreneurship and innovation» (Project No: ΓΓ1CL-0058811).