Integrated information system concerning single application (OPSEAE)

Since 2006, NEUROPUBLIC has been the main provider of the Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid (OPEKEPE). The company develops Information Systems for the OPEKEPE regarding the Common Agricultural Poly (CAP) and Rural Development.

In short

Specifically, creating a strong collaboration that continues to this day, we have developed the following Information Systems for the needs of the Agency:

  • Farmer Single Payment Application (AEE): NEUROPUBLIC has been developing for a series of years the Integrated Information System that fully covers the E.U. specifications for the realization of the Integrated Management and Control System (OSDE)
  • Transfers of Basic Payment Entitlements: each year NEUROPUBLIC develops the Transfers of Basic Payment Entitlements Applications’ Collection software. This system possesses multiple checkpoints in order to avoid obvious input mistakes.
  • Check Forms: NEUROPUBLIC develops the software for filling in the checks that are conducted by the Payment Agency.
  • Farmer’s Card: In 2017 started the development of the Farmer’s Card subsystem. This system is enriched each year with new cards, in order for the farmer to always have timely information on and access to different matters that concern them.
  • Payment Calculation: The company has developed the software with which the producer can receive personalised information regarding his payment, by getting in contact with either the Application Acceptance Centre (KYD) where they submitted their application or with one of Payment Agency’s bureaus.
  • Pasture Distribution Subsystem: the distributed area per producer is depicted in an application that NEUROPUBLIC has developed.
  • Coupled Payments Subsystem: OPEKEPE users as well as users for Processing Enterprises, Producers’ Groups and the Organisation of the Hellenic Agricultural Insurance (ELGA) are connecting in the specific subsystem that NEUROPUBLIC has developed.