Organic Farming Information System

The Organic Farming Information System has been developed in the framework of supporting the Measure 11 “Organic Farming” of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme.

In short

The aim of the Measure 11 “Organic Farming” is the encouragement of farmers and breeders to implement organic production methods, in order to actively contribute to the protection of the environment, through the use of agricultural practices that are environment-friendly for the production of high quality goods and the good living conditions of animals.

NEUROPUBLIC has developed the Information System with the respective adjustments, which supports the realisation of Actions that have to do with organic farming and organic livestock.


Code generator was used for the development of the System. Its respective functionalities support all the procedures for the proper implementation of the Measure, which indicatively are:

  • Application finalisation and submission
  • Objection submission
  • Eligibility check
  • Mapping of findings
  • Rating calculation
  • Subsidy calculation
  • Transfers and so forth

Additionally, within the scope of the proper management and monitoring of the Measure, independently of the separate Actions, the Organic Farming System is linked to third-party data sources, such as the Integrated Management and Control System (OSDE) and the Integrated Information System Concerning Rural Development & Fisheries (OPSAA) and the Organic Farmers Registry, and supports different user categories and a plethora of Invitations.