Messolonghi – Olives

In collaboration with the Agricultural Cooperative of Messolonghi and Nafpaktia “I Enosi” (in English: “The Union”), gaiasense’s smart farming services are applied to olive tree farming in order to achieve production optimization.

In short

The Region of Western Greece has the highest rate of Kalamos olives production in the country, contributing more than 50% of Greek production, mainly due to the large number of olive trees in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. In recent years, however, the high cost of production, coupled with the inability to integrate innovations into the production process, have contributed to a dramatic decline in competitiveness indicators, especially in the international market.

In the context of the SmartOliveGrove project and to counter the aforementioned problems, NEUROPUBLIC cooperates with the Agricultural Cooperative of Messolonghi and Nafpaktia “I Enosi” (Η Ένωση), one of the oldest cooperatives in Greece which is very active in the field of olive tree farming.

Through this cooperation, smart farming services will be developed for the Kalamos olives cultivation and those services will be adapted to the specific soil climatic conditions in the region. The services will mainly aim at optimizing irrigation and crop protection, so as to reduce inputs to olive groves and improve production while reducing production costs.