Kaenourgio Trichonida – Olives

In cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Kaenourgio Trichonidas, gaiasense’s smart farming services are applied on olive farming aiming at optimizing production of Kalamata olives.

In short

Nowadays, the Region of Western Greece is the first in production of Kalamata olives, contributing more than 50% of the total Greek production, mainly due to the high number of olive trees located in the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. However, during the last years the high production costs in combination with the inability of incorporating innovation in the production process, have contributed to a dramatic decrease in the competitiveness indicators especially in the international market.

In the context of the SmartOliveGrove project and to counter the aforementioned problems, NEUROPUBLIC cooperates with the Agricultural Cooperative of Kenourgio Trichonidas, a dynamic and very active cooperative in the field of olive tree farming.

Through this collaboration, smart farming services for cultivating Kalamata olives will be developed and adapted to the specific soil and climatic conditions of the area. The services will mainly focus on optimising irrigation and plant protection, in order to reduce inputs and increase production, while at the same time reducing the production costs.