VAT Refund Management

The “GM VATREF – VAT Refund Management” application makes it easy for the producers to submit the VAT Refund Form.

In short

The special scheme of the farmers is an optional scheme, which absolves the farmers that choose to join it from their obligations under the regular VAT scheme, that is to say from the obligations of maintaining accounting files (books), issuing details and submitting VAT declarations.

At the same time, there is a special refund of VAT on input VAT intended for agricultural use (seeds, fertilizers, machinery). That is to say, the refund is not based on the actual purchases made by the farmer or the actual services received, but rather on the flat-rate refund on the deliveries of agricultural products produced by him and on the services provided by his agricultural services, which is documented by the relevant documents.

The “GM VATREF – VAT Refund Management” application has been designed and developed to facilitate the producers that submit a VAT Refund Form. It provides them with the capability to electronically fill in their form, as well as to conduct cross-checks in order to know, before even the application being submitted to the competent Tax Authority branch, the amount of VAT that they can apply for to be refunded to them.

The functionalities of the electronic application in question are listed in short below:

  • Electronic filling in of the VAT Refund Form
  • Conducting a cross-check before submitting the application to the competent Tax Authority branch
  • Printing of the VAT Refund Forms, individual or collectively
  • Issuing of statistical reports

The usefulness of the particular application lies on the fact that it ensures, easily and swiftly, the entire F6 (Φ6) document, ready, along with its attached tables that are required for submitting the application to the respective Tax Authority branch.