Aegina – Pistachio

The smart farming services of gaiasense support the production of the pistachio of Aegina, a Protected Geographical Indication product with distinct quality and economic value.

In short

The pistachio of Aegina is a particular and traditional Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product of Greece, with significant nutritional value. Its cultivation thrives in Aegina, an area that confers unique quality to the product due to its special microclimatic characteristics.

Producers of Aegina pistachio recently started a collaboration with gaiasense, in order to solve the problems faced by the crop and the producers. Four gaiasense telemetric stations have been installed recently, covering an area of 16000 acres of pistachio trees throughout the island.

This collaboration aims to solve the reduced production in recent years and focuses on combating pests and diseases of the pistachio tree (like Septoria and Botryosphaeria) and reducing production costs while ensuring the production of consistently high quality pistachio.

An example for that is the contribution of the smart irrigation system, which will provide a solution to the limited availability of water for irrigation on the island and will improve the effectiveness of each irrigation cycle.

At the same time, a reduction of the cultivation’s environmental footprint is expected, which is the subject of the European project LIFE GAIA Sense, under the auspices of which the particular collaboration takes place.