Nafplion – Orange

In cooperation with Agricultural Cooperatives’ Union of Argolida, gaiasense is being applied to the cultivation of citrus fruits in Argolida, a region with long tradition in the specific cultivation.

In short

More specifically, gaiasense’s services are being developed for the cultivation of oranges in the general area of Nafplio, aiming at maximizing production. Through the cataloguing of the microclimatic conditions of the area and of other information, services for irrigation, fertilization and crop protection of orange cultivation will be developed.

As the Argolian valley faces a serious nitrate pollution problem due to nitrous fertilisers washing through to the subsoil, the gaiasense smart irrigation and fertilisation services are expected to provide a solution in the form of measured cultivation irrigation and nutrition, respectively, at the same time contributing to countering its environmental footprint.

The particular application is being realized in cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperatives’ Union of Argolida (E.A.S.A.), ηwhich represents 32 primary member-cooperatives and provides services to 17000 farmers.