Kiato – Grape

In cooperation with the innovative Pegasus Agricultural Cooperative / 7 Grapes, smart farming services for irrigation, fertilisation and crop protection have been developed and are being applied for the cultivation of grapes.

In short

It is one of the first applications of the gaiasense smart farming services and, what is more, it has to do with providing integrated services for irrigation, fertilization and crop protection for the cultivation of grapes.

The application of the services has, up to this point, yielded considerable gains, financial and other, for the producers of the Pegasus Agricultural Cooperative / 7 Grapes, who frequently note a reduction in the total production cost that varies between 20% and 45% in most cases.

In this particular case, gaiasense has yielded significant results in irrigation water savings through improving irrigation. This was one of the biggest problems that the farmers were faced with, as irrigation water is limited in the area and carries high cost. Through the smart irrigation application, a water loss reduction from 30% to 10% was observed, but also an increase in the production quality as proper irrigation affect both grape quality and sustainability.

At the same time, the crop protection of the cultivation has been improved through the reduction in spraying due to the avoidance of superfluous and untimely applications, resulting in reduction in cost but also in the persistence on the fruit itself.

It has to be noted that the largest volume of produced grapes is meant for large customers abroad, such as retail chains in the United Kingdom, which have especially high demands as far as the sustained high quality of grapes and the minimum levels of plant-protection products’ persistence.