Chios – Vine

Having as its aim to improve the production of grapes for winemaking in Chios, the development of gaiasense’s smart farming services for fertilization and crop protection of the cultivation has started.

In short

Chios is renowned for its wine since the ancient times, a fact due to its particular microclimate and its soil. The specific application is realized in cooperation with Pantelis Gialias, winemaker, who cultivates traditional vine cultivars for the production of high quality wine.

The aim of gaiasense’s smart farming services application is the best possible utilization of the inputs, which will lead to the reduction of cost and improvement of production of wine grapes, as far as the quality and quantity are concerned, having as a goal the production of high quality wine.

As these are non-irrigated (secano) vineyards, as is the majority on the island, gaiasense’s services will focus on maximizing nutrition efficiency and crop protection from the main pests and diseases in the area, such as powdery mildew (oidium).