Chalkidiki – Olive

gaiasense’s smart farming services contribute to the production of high quality olive oil in cooperation with the “Yanni’s Olive Grove” family business, in the area of Nea Potidea, Chalkidiki.

In short

The Prodromou family, based in Nea Potidaea of Chalkidiki, cultivates Chondrolia, a local olive cultivar, to produce high quality “agoureleo” (meaning olive oil pressed from not unripe olives and is a Protected Designation of Origin product) that has claimed many awards in international contests, as well as extra virgin olive oil. The products are characterized by high levels of antioxidant compounds and have been deemed beneficial to the human health.

The cooperation with gaiasense came from the family’s desire to ensure the best possible management of the production, in order to maintain the high quality of the produced olives and, therefore, the stable quality of the end products, but also to increase the volume of their production.

In this context, the Yanni’s Olive Grove family business implements gaiasense’s smart irrigation fertilization and crop protection services, which contribute to the reduction of the production cost and at the same time to the production of the aforementioned goods. These services ensure savings in irrigation water, the best nutrition of the olive trees and better management of the main olive diseases in the area, such as the peacock spot. The olive trees, with the water and nutrients that they need at their disposal, can give maximum production, both in the qualitative and quantitative sense.

Moreover, the reduction in production cost that is achieved by the precision application of irrigation water and fertilizers, as well as by avoiding superfluous and untimely spraying, increases the competitiveness of the “Yanni’s Olive Grove” company in the international markets, to which they export their products almost exclusively.