Sfakia – Olive

Through the cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Sfakia, gaiasense will support the olive through its smart farming services, one of the most traditional cultivations in Crete.

In short

In cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Sfakia, gaiasense’s services will be applied to the cultivation of the Koroneiki and Tsounati cultivars in the area of Sfakia.

In this context, the gaiasense‘s smart farming services that have been developed for the olive, will be adjusted for the specific soil and climatic conditions of the area and will improve combating the cultivation’s main pests and diseases in the area.

The case of irrigation presents a special interest as water for irrigation, in its majority, comes from wells, while the presence of sandy soil and soil with a “heavier” composition causes significant variance in the irrigation needs between the different olive groves that are taking part in the programme.