Asteroussia – Olive

Olive cultivation in Heraklion’s Asteroussia will be supported by gaiasense’s smart farming services for irrigation, fertilisation and crop protection, in cooperation with the Agricultural Cooperative of Asteroussia (A.S. Asteroussia).

In short

The gaiasense’s smart farming services that have been developed for olive cultivation will be adjusted for the microclimate of the area in order to ensure their maximum efficiency.

More specifically, the services will address issues in crop protection such dealing effectively with olive fruit fly (Dacus), primarily, and secondarily with peacock spot and olive moth (Prays oleae). At the same time gaiasense is going to provide solutions for irrigating the olive trees in an area that water for irrigation is invaluable as its supply is sparse.

Moreover, the effort will be made to rationalize the application of fertilizers by analyzing the olive trees’ needs with regard to specific nutrients, through the smart fertilization service.
In this way, the olive producers of the Agricultural Cooperative of Asteroussia will be better able to control the pests and diseases of their cultivation and to maximise the use of inputs to their olive groves.