Komotini – Cotton

In cooperation with Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A. (Thracian Cotton Ginning Mills S.A.), the gaiasense system has made significant contribution to improving cotton production in the Komotini area.

In short

Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A. is one of the largest and oldest cotton ginning mills in Greece and they are known for their insistence in quality, environmental protection and propensity to innovation. In order to achieve these goals, Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A. decided to turn to smart farming and the gaiasense system.

The cooperation started from improving irrigation, which contributes significantly to the quality of the produced cotton, and at the same time it constitutes a large part of the production cost. The application of the gaiasense smart irrigation service that was developed specifically for cotton cultivation in the particular area, has led to considerable savings in irrigation water.

As far as crop protection is concerned, the respective gaiasense service for cotton is being applied with a high degree of success as far as the main pests of the crop in the area are concerned, such as the cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera). Through the service, the producers are timely warned regarding the presence of pests and the effective control of those pests is achieved. Finally, the smart fertilization service was developed, which ensured the best possible nutrition of the crop, with considerable gains in the produced cotton’s quality.