Larissa – Cotton

The plain of Larissa is one of the main cotton producing areas in Greece and in collaboration with the Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly “ΘΕΣγη” (THESgi), cotton farming is supported by the smart farming services of gaiasense.

In short

gaiasense smart farming services also apply to cotton farming and contribute to improving production and reducing the costs.

In collaboration with the Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly THESgi, the services developed for cotton farming adapt to the particular soil and climatic conditions of the Larissa plain in order to provide solutions to problems faced by the producers.

More specifically, the application focuses on optimization of combating the main pests and diseases of cotton in the area, such as the green worm and the pink bollworm, as well as the alternaria. At the same time, the smart irrigation service will contribute to the rationalization of the use of water for irrigation by accurately meeting the increased needs of the cultivation in water while the smart fertilisation service will contribute to the targeted provision of nutrients to the crops, addressing the high number of fertilizations required.

This collaboration is expected to significantly reduce production costs, improve the quantity and the quality of production, and reduce the environmental footprint of the cultivation.