Larissa – Industrial tomato

The smart farming services of gaiasense support the cultivation of industrial tomato in the plains of Thessaly in collaboration with the “THESTO” Agricultural Cooperative (ΘΕΣΤΟ).

In short

The Agricultural Cooperative THESTO cultivates industrial tomato in a large number of parcels in the plains of Thessaly.

The industrial tomato cultivation is supported by the gaiasense smart farming services in order to achieve achieve maximum quality and quantity production with the least input.

By the term “less inputs” using gaiasense we initially mean the quantification and timing of irrigation for the purpose of rational use of water resources. At the same time, it seeks to provide the exact nutrients that plants really need for their nutrition. Last but not least, the contribution of smart farming to significantly in combating the main diseases infecting industrial tomato in the region, such as Botrytis cinerea, Phytophthora infestans, and Alternaria, as well as pests like the green worm.