Vrontou Pierias – Kiwi

The smart farming services of gaiasense support kiwi farming in Vrountou, Pieria, in collaboration with the Agricultural Cooperative Consortium “ΠΕΣΚΟ – ΣΠΕΚΟ” (PESKO – SPEKO).

In short

Pieria’s Kiwi is a Protected Geographical Indication – PGI product with particular organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. It is cultivated in Pieria, where around 60% of the total Kiwi production in Greece comes from.

Kiwi cultivation requires frequent irrigation while it is threatened by diseases and pests like Marchalina hellenica and Botrytis cinerea.

In collaboration with the Agricultural Cooperative Consortium PESKO – SPEKO, gaiasense smart farming services support Kiwi farming in Vrontou, Pieria. The services focus on optimizing the use of irrigation water, determining the optimal irrigation dose, as well as combating pests and diseases. Moreover, they will also ensure that the nutrient needs of the crops will be met, in order to optimize production while saving on fertilizers.