Xanthi – Tobacco

The cooperation between SEKE (Cooperative Union of Greek Tobacco Producers) and NEUROPUBLIC constitutes the first application of smart farming services to tobacco cultivation on a global level, a crop with special financial importance for Greece.

In short

Tobacco cultivation is one of the most exportable cultivations in Greece due to the excellent quality of the produced good. The increasing competition in the international markets renders the need for qualitative and quantitative maximisation of the production imperative, concurrent with the reduction of production cost.

Through the agreement between NEUROPUBLIC and the Cooperative Union of Greek Tobacco Producers (S.E.K.E. S.A.), one of the largest tobacco producers not only in the Balkans but in Europe in general, the smart farming services of gaiasense support SEKE’s tobacco producers in cultivation tasks such fertilisation, irrigation and crop protection against specific diseases.

The cooperation between the two companies for the development of sekesense, a smart farming system specialised for the cultivation of tobacco, started in 2017. At the first stage of the cooperation, the application of smart farming to tobacco concerns approximately 300 tobacco producers in the Xanthi area while later on the expansion of the application is expected to encompass the sum of the producers cooperating with SESE, who number approximately 15.000.