Orestiada – Garlic

At Nea Vyssa of Orestiada, the application of gaiasense’s smart farming services on garlic cultivation – for which the area is renowned – has started.

In short

Garlic is one of the main cultivations in Nea Vyssa of Orestiada and it displays special traits, which has resulted in efforts being made for its registration as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product.

Desiring to ensure a sustained high quality and quantity of production, as well as to reduce the cost, the Agricultural Cooperative of Garlic Production, Processing and Trade of Nea Vyssa decided to adopt the gaiasense smart farming system.

The application’s aim is to improve product competitiveness through cost reduction, as well as to optimize inputs, which are going to be achieves through smart farming services. Garlic cultivation is intensive and demands a relatively high volume of spaying and irrigation in order to ensure maximum production volume and quality, resulting in increased production costs.

Through the collection of data and the adjustment of the necessary scientific models for irrigation and the protection of the crop against disease, such as brown rust and botrytis, the respective services for garlic cultivation are going to be developed.