Kiato – Table tomato

  • Field of Interest: Smart Farming

Gaiasense’s smart farming services support table tomato farming in Kiato in cooperation with “Geoponiki Kiatou” (“Γεωπονική Κιάτου”).

In short

In cooperation with the “Geoponiki Kiatou “ geotechnical firm, gaiasense’s smart farming services are applied on table tomato farming. It is a crop very demanding in inputs, as it needs to be irrigated almost daily and needs fertilization and plant protection on a weekly basis.

The aim of this services application is to achieve the best crop management possible in terms of irrigation, fertilization and plant protection, that would result in a decrease in running costs. Irrigation is of particular importance for this crop, since the irrigation water in the area comes from drilling and its availability is reduced. As a result, the smart irrigation service will focus in optimizing the use of the available irrigation water based on the crop’s actual needs so to avoid any water waste.

The smart plant protection service will focus on effectively combating the major crop diseases and pests in the area, such as peronospora, powdery mildew and Tuta absoluta, since they cause a significant production degradation both quantitatively and qualitatively. Finally, according to the crop’s needs the smart fertilization service will ensure the availability of soil nutrient and avoid wasting fertilizers.

As a result, a decrease in the production running costs is expected by achieving, among others, higher production and reduced environmental footprint.